Exclusive Promotional Event

China's destinations actively hold tourism promotional events targeting at North American tourist market. By developing cooperation to promote travel products and bringing forward high-end tourism concept, China's destinations are expecting to expand the North American tourist market, enhance the brand awareness and attract more travel agencies and tour operator from North America to sell high-end travel products. Each tourism promotional event usually has 30-50 travel agencies and tour operators on site. The result of such traditional promotional events is not ideal in some cases, considering the substantial cost of time and labor in the pre-event planning, implementation and post-event promotion.

As a tourism event tailored for Chinese tourism market, ACS is dedicated to attracting and involving large numbers of international buyers. Conducting a promotional event in ACS will be a perfect chance for Chinese destinations to develop the North American market, and for Chinese travel enterprises to build brand image and promote travel products. Meanwhile, the promotional events held in China will make your precise marketing possible with international buyers gathering together at one time, which enables to significantly reduce the cost of time and labor.

During the Summit, there'll be 3 promotional sessions.


Nov. 8th, 2017
18:00-19:15 Guizhou Promotional Event

Nov 9th, 2017
10:50-11:50 Guiyang Promotional Event
17:30-18:30 China Southern Airlines Promotional Event


Ballroom on the first floor of Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center